A SONG IN MY HEART MUSIC. Companion Album to the historical novel, A Song in My Heart

Chan Poling, “I have arranged and played many styles of music over the years. Roma’s music has touched me always. Her new collection of songs for her story, A Song in My Heart, are once again beautiful and lushly romantic, evocative of another time and place.”

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Music & Lyrics composed by Roma Calatayud-Stocks, and arranged by Chan Poling. Genres: Classical, Jazz, Latin, World.

  1. Vals Del Sol, The Sun Waltz 
  2. Nostalgia Mexicana 
  3. There with You
  4. Castanets 
  5. Sunset in Venice 
  6. We Have Been Waiting 
  7. Enchanting Lover 
  8. Amalfi (Instrumental) 
  9. God Lives 
  10. Magical Night 
  11. Remembrance
  12. Carnival of Life
  13. A Song in My Heart
  14. Amalfi  

A Song in My Heart Original CD Soundtrack available with book/CD collectible package. Performances by Chan Poling, Estaire Godinez, Nachito Herrera, Gordy Johnson, Dean Magraw, Russ Peterson, Jim Price, Molly Shields, Roma Calatayud-Stocks, Aurora String Quartet, and other Twin Cities musicians. See complete list in book. 


Sample of musical selections corresponding to various chapters in the historical novel A Song in My Heart. 

Part 1

Chapter 1 – Ode to Minnesota
Chapter 2 – Ecossaise
Chapter 3 – Alejandra, Enrique Mora
Chapter 4 – Vals del Sol, Roma Calatayud-Stocks

Part 2

Chapter 5 – Dance of Nymphs and Satyrs
Chapter 6 – Nostalgia Mexicana, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 7 – Over the Waves, Juventino Rosas
Chapter 8 – America the Beautiful, Samuel A. Ward and Katherine Lee Bates
Chapter 9 – Pack up Your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag, Felix and George Powell
Chapter 10 – The Blue Danube, Johann Strauss II
Chapter 11 – I’m Always Chasing Rainbows, Harry Carroll, and Adapted from Frédéric Chopin
Chapter 12 – There with You, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 13 – Prelude in E Minor
Chapter 14 – Piano Concerto No. 1
Chapter 15 – One Step
Chapter 16 – Castanets, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 17 – Adagio in G Minor, Tomaso Albinoni
Chapter 18 – Sunset in Venice, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 19 – Sonata in C Major
Chapter 20 – Symphony No. 7, 2nd. Movement, Ludwig van Beethoven
Chapter 21 – Liebestraum, Franz Liszt
Chapter 22 – Hungarian Dance No. 5, Johannes Brahms
Chapter 23 – Symphony No. 5, Ludwig van Beethoven
Chapter 24 – We Have Been Waiting, Roma Calatayud-Stocks

Part 3

Chapter 25 – Enchanting Lover and Amalfi, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 26 – Moonlight Sonata, Ludwig van Beethoven
Chapter 27 – Eroica, Ludwig van Beethoven
Chapter 28 – Clair de Lune, Claude Debussy
Chapter 29 – Rhapsody in Blue, George Gershwin
Chapter 30 – The Three-Cornered Hat, Manuel de Falla
Chapter 31 – God Lives, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 32 – Magical Night, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 33 – Remembrance, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 34 – Carnival of Life, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 35 – A Song in My Heart, Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Chapter 36 – Amalfi, Roma Calatayud-Stocks

Highlighted titles denotes songs and instrumental compositions included in album/CD